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Project Profiles

  • Branded platform to support live micro-blogging by specialists at a medical conference, including web + iOS + Android apps with push notifications and Twitter integration
  • Online portals for pharma reps to register physicians to educational programs, track participant progress, distribute documents, deploy surveys, and generate reports
  • Mobile-first, fully internationalized patient education website including design + build + branding + content development
  • Membership management solutions for provincial and national professional associations
  • WordPress solutions including theme design, plugin development, automation, and integration
  • Product development for a commercial service that enables medical clinics to efficiently contact their patients by voice, text, and email
  • Interactive stakeholder education website for a provincial regulatory agency
  • Promotional micro-sites for webinars, educational seminars, and events that accept participant registration and payment
  • Integrate a webapp's support tools with ZenDesk to advance processes beyond managing a support email account
  • Automated process to generate hundreds of WordPress pages from a Google Doc including rich-text formatting
  • Custom credit and collections internal web app for a telecom firm to support internal processes, track staff activity, assign tasks and prioritize accounts, and provide reporting
  • Event management website featuring payments and member profiles
  • Public education micro-site for a provincial regulatory agency
  • Programmatically generating hundreds of individualized PowerPoint decks, PDFs, and other documents using participant data collected over the course of educational programs
  • Customized billing system fully integrated with Freshbooks for invoicing
  • Suite of interactive webapps to help patients with certain diseases self-assess the severity of their symptoms
  • Brand and identity design for associations and non-profits
  • Design and branding of a landing page announcing a new public initiative by a government agency
  • Integrating eCommerce solutions with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions and third-party fulfillment operations
  • Payments and eCommerce checkout flows with leading payment processors including Stripe and Paypal
  • Customized WordPress platform for physicians participating in a medical imaging course to submit assignments and for experts to review scans and provide feedback
  • Ansible-powered automations (devops) to manage a web application's AWS infrastructure
  • Automated process to translate a large WordPress website into any language supported by the AWS Translate service
  • Integrate with Amazon SES and leverage RabbitMQ to outfit an app with robust email notification infrastructure
  • Integrate with Twilio API to enable an app to send SMS (text) messages to users

About Us

Shipping web and IT projects since 2008
Independent design and development studio
Small team of dev and creative professionals
Diverse project and industry experience


Our strengths are: creating websites and apps, designing graphics and interfaces, writing and translating content, solving IT + devops challenges, QA, and training users.

We love WordPress + WooCommerce, Shopify, JavaScript + ES, React, NodeJS, GatsbyJS, JQuery, PHP, Python, Django, Ansible, Terraform, SQL, GraphQL, MySQL, pgSQL, MongoDB, AWS, and many others that make our work possible.


  • Multi-language projects (internationalization/i18n)
  • Accessibility including WCAG AA and WCAG AAA, Ontario AODA, and US Section 508 standards
  • Privacy-by-design; meeting varied regulatory and compliance requirements
  • eCommerce, billing, invoicing, online payments integrated with Stripe, Paypal, and more


Our clients and project sponsors include businesses, non-profit organizations, and public sector agencies of all shapes and sizes.

Biogen Idec
Ontario Government

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